DataBase Maintenance

Safe, secure, reliable and versatile database solutions from experts for your peace of mind..

Data is the key to tomorrow′s marketing efforts that will keep your company powered up and in the driving seat. Our advanced suite of database maintenance services covers:

  • Data capture and processing from a wide range of sources
  • Building, verifying and maintaining databases to each client′s specific business operations and objectives
  • Data cleansing and archiving to streamline data, reduce storage space and reduce chances of data corruption while enhancing accessibility for future reference

smitglobal has a team of database specialists who can handle any databases regardless of the platform to which they are linked, such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP to name a few. In addition to these business-oriented activities we also handle database maintenance to conform to internationally accepted quality norms. With us powering your databases, you can leap ahead and top the competition while saving costs, labour, time and money.