Graphic Designing


Simply striking, futuristically innovative and creatively insightful for just the right impact

Graphic designing, at smitglobal, goes beyond the traditional definition of a pleasing blend of colors, images, text and lines. For us each customer, his product and his markets are unique and we approach graphic designing with strong roots in marketing psychology. The result is creatively insightful design that carry an innate appeal and leave behind lasting impressions in your target′s mind, permanently imprinted with a positive influence.

Our graphic designing service covers:
  • Corporate logo creation and brand identity
  • Visualization, conceptualization and creation of corporate stationery
  • Design of brochures and marketing materials
  • Web based advertisement, print ads and promotionals
  • Graphics for exhibitions, conventions, conferences and sales campaigns
  • Graphics for education, information and entertainment

Our team of experts emote with their minds to create futuristically innovative and unique blends that adds value and raises your image to greater heights. Call us to know how our visual experts create striking graphics tailored for your business.